Bread & Games – We’re looking for Hamburg’s most innovative canteen
Almost one-fifth of the workforce regularly eats catered meals, according to the German Institute for Workplace Health Promotion. And this isn’t even counting all the meals served in canteens in daycare centers, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and prisons.
With the “Bread & Games” competition for the most innovative canteen in Hamburg, we want to show that canteen food can be delicious. And healthy! So we called on canteens and caterers in Hamburg and environs to demonstrate their culinary creativity, nutritional visions, spectacular interior design, social engagement, inspired staff, and other innovative ideas.
The applicants ranged from daycare center and kindergarten caterers, to school canteens with creative pupil participation, to themed dining at large corporations, all the way to touching stories about the last supper. An expert jury selected six finalists from the submissions to present in the exhibition:

Forrest Cook – the alternative children’s caterer in Hamburg

Hamburger Leuchtfeuer

Google Germany, Hamburg

Stübi Barista

Wackelpeter – ecological nutrition for children

Canteen, University of Fine Arts Hamburg
Hirn und Wanst-Küchenbrigade

Visitors to the exhibition will have a chance to choose their favorite, and at the end of the exhibition, the overall winner will be announced.